Fluid Ice Machine.

Fluid ice machine or slurry ice machine, is the mixture of ice crystal and liquid water solution typically sea water, brine, sweet water or glycol. It is also generally known as fluid ice, liquid ice, etc.

Fluid Ice applications include

  • Aquatic and fresh food preservation
  • Meat processing
  • Fisheries – salt water versions available
  • Supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Vegetable preservation
  • Logistic fresh preservation
  • Chemical and concrete products

Slurry ice is usually created from broken solid ice and mixing with brine or sea drinking water. On the other hand, the mixture even now consists of large and sharp ice crystals with thickness 0.6-10mm. Making this type of slurry ice demands a great amount of electricity, like power consumption for ice breaking and grinding.

  • Less ice crystal
  • Suited for pump supply by hoses or pipes and easy to store and use
  • Absorb heat better, faster and more efficiently
  • Best cooling efficiency
  • Soft without sharp edge, no damage to the surface of target products
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