Evaporative Condenser.

Movement principle of SEC Evaporative Condenser

Hot gaseous refrigerant in the coil exchanges heat to spray water and air outside the coil,being cooled into liquid. The draught fan produces extra forced air that enables spray water to cover the coil surface thoroughly, thus resulting in remarkable improvement in heat-exchange performance.While spray water and air absorbs heat, the water partly turns into vapor due to its increased temperature.

Therefore, a great deal of heat is taken off by the latent heat of vaporization. Water out of the heated air is baffled to the PVC heat-exchange fill. Cooled by air crossing the PVC heat-exchange fill to, water flows into the water sump where it is pumped to the spray system for repeating circlation. A water level controller is designed to control the water makeup for water dispersed into surrounding air. The capacity of the evaporative condensers can be adjusted by variable motor speed or different combination of air fan and motor based on actual demand for load.

Features of SEC Evaporative Condenser

Superior Maintenance features
The SEC adopts unique and particle design. The design of spacious room inside eliminates the shortcoming of not easy to examine and repair due to crowded room of the evaporative condenser inside. The SEC design builds upon decades of operation experience, incorporating components that are proven to be durable and.

Directly Examinable and repairable Water Spray System
The parallel air and water flows of the SEC allow the spray area to be uncovered (drift eliminators are inside), permitting quick and easy inspection of the sprays and coils outside the unit while the SEC is in operation.

Wide-Spaced, Non- clog Air Inlet Louvers
The spacious and high quality air inlet grid design avoids the possibility of forming scale and ice on the surface.

Hinged Access Doors For Easy Entry
Big access doors at one end wall provides easy access to the unit inside.

Easy Access to Fan Drive System and Condensing Coil
A spacious plenum provides easy access to the motor drive system and the condensing coil through easily removable PVC of fans.

Sloped Basin Floor Facilitates Cleaning
The floor of the water basin is sloped toward the depressed section and the wet deck is elevated to facilitate flushing dirt and debris from this critical area.

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Evaporate Condenser Tech Parameter

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