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Block Ice Machines

These all-in-one refrigeration systems with specifically designed evaporators with efficient thermal conductivity. The refrigerant can be used globally and produce clean, stable, sanitary Read More →


Tube Ice Machines

Snowkey’s tube ice machines filter salts and impurities during their harvest cycle. These impurities are discharged as waste at the end of a cycle, and fresh water fills the reservoir to begin the Read More →


Flake Ice Machines

Flake ice is directly formed at low temperatures; flakes are as cold as below -80C. Once formed, ice flakes are dry, clean, sanitary and convenient. Ice flakes have no sharp edges Read More →

Thank you so much Snowkey to resolve my ice production issues. This helped me alot to improve my sales and I don’t need any suppliers for ice because with the machine I bought from you guys really helped my company!
John D.

Who Are We?

Snowkey provides everything you need to make, handle, package and store ice.

Whatever your needs for fishing, horticulture, poultry, meat processing, concreting, artificial snowfields, packaged ice or water chilling, you can get it all here at Snowkey.

  • Comprehensive After-Sales Support
  • Delivery system options
  •  Automatic Packing System Features

Ice Merchandisers

Our ice merchandisers are designed to give you the highest quality in looks and performance to suit your ice needs. Snowkey Australia offer both indoor and outdoor ice merchandise along with rooftop freezer units.

Every product in the range has been designed and engineered to perform in Australian conditions as well as meeting the highest energy efficient ratings.

Let us help you with your ice requirements today

From party ice to concrete cooling and everything in between, you are guaranteed that Snowkey can provide an appropriate solution for your needs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us on 1300 423 423 or complete our contact form.

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Snowkey provides everything you need to make, handle, package and store ice. Call us today on 1 300 ICE ICE (1 300 423 423)