The Best Way To Take Good Care Of Your Ice Machine Maker

Some Tips For Ice Machine Manufacturer Care

The typical restaurant or pub operator doesn’t have any idea how their ice machine works and generally pays no attention to the ice machine until it quits working and making ice.

flake-ice-2halfton-3The only thing an operator needs to see is a “complete bin” of ice whenever they want a scoop of ice. Nevertheless, a commercial ice machine needs some routine care to ensure it runs efficiently, makes the maximum number of ice daily, and will not break down easily. We can say, a clean machine is a happy machine.

Some refrigeration repair specialists technicians will let you know that 90% of all snow ice machine problems are self-inflicted. They could have been prevented. Whatever the amount is, we understand that usually this can be accurate. What exactly can the technicians do?

Frequently cleaned ice machines will generate more rapidly, have tougher blocks and in greater amount daily. Here are a few simple things to do.

1) Clean your ice bin every month – If you’ven’t cleaned in a while you might be surprised at what you discover at the bottom of the bin, assuming you do not run out of ice on a regular basis.

- Remove the old ice and kept in a walk in freezer.
- Clean the interior of the bin with a solution of warm water and a light detergent. You may add a 1/2 cup of bleach to this solution to remove any “brownish slime” that’s formed. Rinse completely after washing and dry the bin.

2) What’s brownish slime building inside the machine? – It grows from particular kinds of yeast like airborne yeast from beer or baking yeast. That is particularly common in pubs.

3) Alter your water filter every 6 months – This ensures your machine gets pure water to freeze and the purest water freezes first.

- If you don’t have a water filtration in the building or at the ice machine. Get a water filter for your ice machine to filter all dirt and unwanted particles from the water.
- Follow the directions carefully when replacing your water filter. As an example, if you use specific filters they should be “pre-activated”. Meaning you should run it for an interval of time (typically 5 minutes) to activate the charcoal in the cartridge. Not activating the filter can cause the filter to be 50% less efficient in removing minerals and other materials. There are exceptions, some water filters, don’t need “activation”. This crucial step is often missed so the operator ends up spending cash on a filter that isn’t doing the job it was designed to do. Thus, pre-activate your water filter or purchase a water filter that doesn’t need to activate.

tube-ice-1ton4) Clean the evaporator every 6 months – The evaporator is the plate the ice types on. When minerals start to deposit (precipitate) on the evaporator the ice will not fall off the plate (crop) as readily as it should. So it runs more, generation falls and other issues can happen. A signal an ice machine evaporator must be cleaned is the ice in the bin is “bridging” that’s to say, several bits of ice are linked together. A cleaning of the evaporator or a fast adjustment by an experienced service representative will repair that trouble. If you must bridge, your ice machine is operating at less than optimum conditions.

- Use a “nickel safe” cleanser and sanitizer to clean your evaporator. Your cleaning supplies supplier is going to have a proper product.

5) Requirements – Make sure your ice machine can be found in a “cool spot”. Often times they’re tucked into corners of rooms or in little rooms (like resort ice dispensers) where they “exposed their own heat”. The higher the surrounding air temperature and the water temperature the less ice your machine will make every day. In winter months, you may get 50F water from the faucet, but in the summer time, the temperature is 70F from the faucet. It is going to really make a difference in generation.

6) Clean the condenser coils – Frequently times blown off, these are situated on the side or rear of the machine. The hot gas which carries heat goes here to condense back to liquid. It gives up the heat that it required from your water to make ice.

The principles of any refrigeration system are “it will not make cold…it removes heat”. The condenser removes the heat. If isn’t clean or becomes clogged they need to be cleaned with a coil cleaner.

Therefore, it isn’t hard to keep your ice machine running in top form. It only wants some consideration.

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