Snowkey Premium Ice-Making Systems

One of the most innovative and advanced technological ice machineries are introduced by Snowkey. An Australian based company that would provide for all your ice requirements. Snowkey is the number one ice machine retailer in Australia nowadays. We provide high quality and state of the art ice machine for artificial snowfield, fishing, poultry, concreting, and package ice. The quality of our products makes Snowkey Australia widely accepted by consumers nowadays. Our products are guaranteed and tested, that is made to perfectly cope with the Australian climate, which is why most Australians who have businesses that uses ice as their daily requirements consider Snowkey as their primary choice. The Company’s dedication and commitment is to produce the highest quality of products and good rating energy efficiency. Since this business is perfect for Australian weather, this maybe the perfect time to think about considering this kind of business if you are up to deciding on what is the best and unique business to put up.


The ice Merchandiser is built and designed to give you the utmost quality and performance for your daily needs. Snowkey is always at your service to help you begin your ideal business, whether it is ice machine retail or any particular business relating to this. For further details on services and other products, you can check our product page or even contact us through phone. Snowkey has several machines that you can choose from depending on your requirement. Here are the quick reviews in Snowkey machines.

Flake Ice Machine: this machine can produce ice in low temperature. It is clean and convenient for your daily use. The ice that comes from Flake Ice Machine has no sharp edges like other ice. It is ideal to use for food processing, artificial snowfield, medical uses, preserving fresh food, concrete cooling and fisheries (with salt water version). The interior is good quality and they use non corrosive material to make it sure it’s free from contamination and rust. The external of this machine is made from stainless steel to make sure it can deal with any environmental situation.

Tube Ice Machine: the Snowkey tube ice machine can filter salt and impurities in the water throughout collecting cycle. The impurities will be sorted out and discharged immediately, and the filtered fresh water will be put through the reservoir to conduct another purity test. In this scenario, you will be assured that the ice you will use is clean and safe. You can use the tube ice in the supermarket and convenience store, food preservation, port ice plant and chemical and concrete products. It also has a longer melting time than flake ice. In terms of durability, the Tube Machine can stand extreme temperature. It is also a modular construction to make it easier to maintain and be transported anytime.

Block Ice Machine: the Snowkey also has a block ice, and they offer both containerized and non-containerized, depending on your specification. This block tube ice is ideal for ice structures, edible ice, and cooling for temperature reduction. It is also stable and energy efficient.

Plate Ice Machine: It can produce hard and clear cracked ice, the purity of the ice will show its transparent appearance. The ice from Plate Ice Machine is ideal for use on small goods, leather processing, edible ice, chemical industry, poultry, meat processing and seafood. The capacity of Plate Ice Machine can range from 1 up to 100 tonne.


Snowkey has various sizes and specifications on their SRM compressor sets. If you want to know more, you may contact us at or you can contact us on 1300 ICE ICE (1300 423 423) a toll free hotline.